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What has WinShake to offer?First of all, as its name suggests, the Aero Shake function of Windows 7: double click with your middle mouse button (MMB) on the title bar of a window, and that window is shaken, minimizing all the other windows. Secondly, an improved Windows 7 Aero Peek function: click the MMB at (the right of) the clock in the Taskbar or on the Start Button, and all windows become fully transparent, except for their outer edge, making the desktop and gadgets not only visible, but also excessible, while still keeping the order of all windows in tact. It also offers an improved Show Desktop function: all regular windows are minimized, but not your side bars and gadgets. And it remembers the window on top. Then there is an all new function, named PeekTop: by clicking the MMB on the X-button of a window, that window becomes semi-transparent, so you can read what's underneath. And for the cases when you have always-on-top windows that are blocking your view, they will be Peeked.A bonus function, related to PeekTop, is called PeekTopX: this time the window disappears completely, including its Taskbar button. Handy when nosy people are around! If there are more "confidential" windows, they can be hidden too. (Can only be enabled with administrator rights.) And finally there are two more functions: PeekX and Taskbar Peek. They are certainly worth a try!... PeekX is a quick alternative to the Shake function: now all windows are Peeked, except for the active one, giving the active window quick access to the desktop. And saving the best for last, the true Windows 7 Taskbar Peek function: by clicking the MMB once on a Taskbar program button, you can then hover over any program button, and all the other windows are Peeked, giving you a quick live look at the window you're interested in! For minimized windows a real size snapshot is shown.... View more info

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